Shoe Make-up

"No man is truly a gentleman without a good pair of leather shoes. They are beautiful, comfortable and durable. But a natural substance such as leather 'lives' and hence requires food and care. One more reason to wear it with pride is to treat them with respect and style". Citation of Antonio Zullo, CEO TechnoBoots.

Repair and Coating
- Replacing the leather soles and heels
- Polishing/Coating
- Repair upper
- Replacement of internal and insoles
- Change buckles and elastic part
- Adapting shoes that are too narrow
- Bonding shoes
- Cleaning suede shoes
- Hinges boots

Some precious secrets for the care of your shoe:
- A pair of new shoes should never be worn more than 2-3 hours the first day, 3-4h. the second, 4-5h. the third and so on until the foot has not been completely fitted.
- Before you wear the shoes for the second time, always wait at least 24 hours to allow the shoes to rest. So do not wear the same shoes for 2 days consecutive.
- To put on your shoes always use the shoehorn, this will extend the duration of the counter.
- After slipping the shoes immediately put in the shoe-stretcher even though the shoes are wet.
- Always polish your shoes even though they apparently have not lost their luster. After a dozen polishing remove the residue of cream with a specific detergent. We would gladly recommend you what kind of detergent fits better for your model.
- If a pair of shoes is not worn for a long time spread a neutral cream without polish and put them back in the box: this helps to keep the leather soft.