The M-Story

"We founded this company because we felt the need to show everybody the Excellence our military Boots and our men's shoes provide, and also because of the lack such a supply, since up to now nobody was really able to combine precision, style and on-line fitting. This makes our company and our shoes merely unique. Furthermore also because of our fully integrated production ...this is a huge competitive advantage for us". Antonio Zullo, owner of The Shoemaker.
Italian fashion and Swiss precision, no matter where you are, quality rather throwaway consumption culture, perfect fit and high wearing comfort. That's it! A perfect combination of art and precision. These are the values which our family business is based on. Shoes tailored on the customers needs or even personalized with your name or with your corporate identity. Potential customers are banks, insurance companies, government agencies, communities, sports clubs, hotels, gastronomy, colleges or universities.

The organization of the company TechnoBoots Ltd makes it possible to follow the whole production beginning from the measurement of the foot (see our 5-Steps Video), through the design and finally to the delivery and marketing relying on the experience and long-standing expertise of each individual employers. The versatility of the company also allows the production and marketing of further manufactures such as medical shoes for complicated orthopedic needs, diabetic shoes, security shoes for armed forces and firemen, special shoes for orthesis and finally golf shoes in full compliance price-quality relation.

We love shoes... because they are our best friend and always know how you feel!